What Is IOT: Meaning, Benefits, Examples, How to Learn

Currently, Internet of Things (IoT) is quite popular as one of the conversations in the world of digital technology. So what is IoT? And what impact will it have?

This discussion will review these various questions to find answers. Come on, see the following article.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things  is a concept or computational method that makes devices connected to each other via the internet. The goal is to be able to transfer or collect data.

The existence of Internet of Things helps to do work faster and easier without the help of humans or computers. For example, in the process of transferring data using IoT.

Often uses various technologies that support it, for example QR codes, sensors, radio frequencies, and so on. The use of intended to facilitate various daily lives automatically.

Today, the application that you can benefit from is the smart home. The method of automating the functioning of houses and structures has not been widely adopted by the community, although its benefits are well known.

The way works is focused on sensor technology to detect and collect information. The sensor used is a QR code or other type. Then later the sensor will send data to cloud storage or a server.

After being processed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the information will be processed and the results of the processing can make an automatic decision for a connected device.

Connecting it using the internet network, that’s why it’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Benefits of Internet of Things

Maybe the benefits of Internet of Things can not be seen as directly as the use of devices. But basically the device can function, one of which is thanks

Well, here are some of the main benefits that you can get directly from 

1. Connectivity

IoT connectivity is useful as a connection or link between devices with one another. Therefore, users will be facilitated with easier operations without manual methods.

2. Efficiency

Another benefit that can be obtained by using IoT is that it can be more effective. Mainly for the time spent doing the same task.

A simple example would be providing answers to questions without having to pick up the phone or turn on the device.

3. Providing Ease

of Service automatically can help users use various devices more easily and practically. For example, you want to turn on the lights at home, even though you are still at work. This can be done easily through a device that is brought without the need to come home.

Examples of IoT Devices That Are Widely Used Today

Applications for using IoT devices for various needs of today’s society are gaining popularity. Devices that are often used for IoT include smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and many others.

Another example of using IoT devices that you can use is as follows.

  1. Nest Smart Thermostat, this tool will help learn the user’s routine automatically. For example adjusting the temperature when in a room and changing it remotely;
  2. Automatic Car Tracking Adapter, helps to track car information using an adapter. Such as tracking mileage, fuel efficiency, clock movement, and so on;
  3. August Smart Lock, is an IoT that is installed to lock the door without fear of leaving the key behind, forgetting it, or losing it.

Tips for Learning Programming for IoT to Be Fast In

fact, anyone can install IoT in their respective homes. Moreover, now there are also many services that are ready to help serve orders and installation.

However, if you want to learn IoT programming, it never hurts to try.. Check out these tips if you decide to learn Internet of Things.

  1. Have a better understanding of sensors and wireless communication. Because the working principle of IoT relies on sensors as information collectors;
  2. Learn Java Script or Python for programming supplies. These two programming languages ​​are quite popular because they are easier than the others;
  3. Raspberry Pi, a project you can play with to hone your skills computer science

Do you understand what IoT is? Well, that’s some preparation if you want to learn about IoT. However, mastering IoT programming skills will certainly provide many advantages.