What is Cloud Security? Benefits & Implementation

Of the many terms you can find in the world of technology, one of them is cloud security or cloud storage security. Have any of your jurnal-oldi. friends ever used this facility?

Currently, cloud storage security is needed a lot because there are so many advantages that can be obtained. Not only individuals, this one system is even used by large companies around the world. No wonder the development is very fast.

What is Cloud Security?

Before we proceed further, of course, it is important for you to understand the meaning of this term first. Cloud security is a system created to increase the security of data, applications, or other computing infrastructure.

There are several aspects that are directly related to cloud security. Among these are cloud controls, technology, and policies. So the combination of these three things then brings cloud security with good integration.

Cloud security itself is available in the form or service of a broad sub-domain of computer, network and information security. Usually there is a third party that provides data security facilities like this. So, there is a symbiotic mutualism between data owners and data managers in cloud systems.

Advantages of Cloud Security

There are many advantages that you can get from using a cloud security system. Of course, we can divide these advantages into several segments, including the following.

1. Optimization of Data Security

The first advantage you can get from using this system is data security that is maintained. Cloud is an internet-based storage system that requires users to use private access points.

So, not everyone can enter into this online-based storage. Only those with access can enter it. Of course this will prevent you from various types of cyber crime attacks that occur a lot.

Currently there are a lot of cyber crimes that occur, one of which is data theft. There are so many companies that have become victims. For example, the theft of data from Tokopedia and Bukalapak that occurred several years ago. Of course, using cloud security is one of the best ways you can try.

2.Customizable to Local Networks

The next advantage of cloud security is that it allows you to reset the connection or login access whenever there is a local network change. Automatically, the previous network that has been used will be blocked by the system so that your data can no longer be accessed through that path.

Indirectly, this is also another advantage in terms of securities owned by the cloud. Indeed, the basis for making this cloud is to provide a much higher security guarantee for its consumers. One form is this manual network change method.

3.Supported by data back up feature

Another advantage possessed by this cloud security is the data backup feature in it. By using the cloud feature, your data will be secured in another storage to avoid the risk of data being lost or damaged. No wonder then that this one system is widely used by large companies.

Usually large companies store a lot of company data in cloud service providers like this. Of course they know very well how the advantages of this one system compared to other types of storage systems.

Examples of Cloud Security

Implementations Examples of Cloud Security Implementations Cloud

deployments can be carried out in various aspects. Among them are the fields of government and state security, health, companies and others. Let’s discuss them one by one so you can understand them more easily.

1. Government and State Security

In the world of government, cloud security is used to store and maintain state secret data and archives that should not be known by the public. Of course the security system applied in this one field is very strict.

Likewise with the state security system, in this field cloud security is no less important. Its application can safeguard military assets and various types of weapons with maximum security. Usually a cloud computing security system is also applied to maximize it.


In the world of health, this technology is applied to protect patient data, various types of treatment and other medical secrets. Of course the existence of this one system is very important because the medical world is also one of the areas that many hackers are targeting.


Another field that also often uses cloud computing is the company. With a lot of data processed by companies, of course cloud storage is very necessary. Especially for confidential data on the company itself.