What is Cache: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Delete It

Cache is a useful tool to help access websites and applications more quickly. For smartphone course, the term cache is not a foreign thing.

In fact, you may even frequently delete them from the phone’s memory. But after a while cache appears again and there again. So, do you know where cache ? So what’s the point?

always appear in the storage memory cache even though I have deleted it? The answer is in the discussion of the following article, let’s see the review.

Cache is a temporary data storage place

If you have experienced problems with devices such as computers or smartphones and then cleared your browsing history, you will find suggestions that show the term cache.

Most likely the command will ask to clear the cache. So what is cache? Cache is a temporary storage area that is reserved to help websites and applications run faster.

Both those in computers, laptops, smartphones, and so on. cache acts as a memory bank for easier use. When users access websites or applications, it will certainly be much more practical.

No need to login every time you open the app. Because the data is already stored as cache . This will make the steps to use much faster and easier.

The problem cache that continues to be left can accumulate and can eat storage memory. So when the storage memory is full, it can result in decreased device performance.

Benefits Cache

The existence a cache certainly cannot be separated from its usefulness. Although if you have too much can make the device memory full, but here are some benefits of having a cache.

  1. Help make the process faster. Such as improving the system performance of websites, applications, and browsers. The way it works is by saving a local copy of file a website, application, or browser;
  2. Perform temporary data storage, this allows the application to run even though it is offline.data Cache can be relied on when the data suddenly runs out, although it cannot be accessed more widely;
  3. Can save data for later use. This step can make it more efficient because it is enough to download a copy of the file only once. No need to waste time, battery and other resources to see it.

Weaknesses Cache

As previously explained cache also has a weakness. Especially if you use it for the long term.

  1. Cache takes up a lot of storage space periodically if you continue to use apps, websites and so on. Clearing cache is a great way to minimize wasted storage space;
  2. May cause damage to the application. Files stored in cache can cause the application to display incorrect data or even crash. The general solution is to clear the cache;
  3. Prevents the application from loading the latest version of the web page. Applications that only use cache to display fileswill not change so that updates hampered.

How to Clear Cache from Device

Each device provides a different way of clearing cache. Well, here are some ways to clear cache according to each device.

1. Clearing Cache Using a Computer Device

Here’s how to clear the cache for a computer using Windows 10.

  1. logo button Windows in the lower left corner of the desktop and click the settings;
  2. page window appears settings, you can choose the system menu;
  3. Select the tab , then wait a few seconds for the data to appear. If so, please click the temporary files. Later you can see the size of the temporary file;
  4. Please select the files you want to delete and click remove files. Don’t worry, Windows can automatically check file without fear of losing important data.cleaning process cache to finish.

2. How to Clear Cache Using Android Smartphone

The process of clearing the cache on an Android smartphone can be by using the factory default application or downloading it yourself from the Google Play Store. If you use a third-party application, you can directly enter it.

Meanwhile, for factory default applications, you can go to the settings. Next, please open the Apps menu – Manage Apps and select which application you want to clear the cache.

3. Clearing Cache on the Browser

Meanwhile, how to clear the cache on a browser like Chrome is as follows.

  1. When opening the Chrome, please press Ctrl + H on the keyboard, then click the history or browsing history;
  2. Click the clear browsing data in the tab left
  3. On the Clear browsing data, click the time range that you want to delete. Can choose the last 24 hours, all the time, or other options;
  4. Check the cached images and files and browsing that you want to delete;
  5. Click the clear data and wait a few moments, Chrome is doing the data wipe.

Well, that’s some information related to the meaning, benefits, and how to clear cache on various devices. Cache is a temporary storage area that can help speed up the workflow of an application, website, or browser.